Even though whey protein is derived from milk, some forms of it are lactose-free. If you’re lactose-intolerant and are looking for a supplement then you don’t have to settle for a plant protein powder. 

So, which whey protein is lactose-free? The short answer is whey protein isolate. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “about half of the carbohydrates in whey protein concentrate powder come from lactose.” Whey protein isolate, on the other hand, is filtered more heavily than whey protein concentrate. That process yields fewer carbohydrates per serving and makes sure whey protein isolates carry little to no lactose.

To purchase a whey protein that is lactose-free, head over to our page that features some powders and supplements. Not all of these companies’ products are whey protein isolates and not all of them are lactose-free. However, some of them are both – you just have to look at the nutrition facts!

Check out our video for more information on whey protein and lactose.