Have you ever wondered why the top of yogurt can form a thin layer of clear liquid right when you open it? Some people pour the fluid into the trash.

That’s a big mistake.

If you want to enjoy all of the nutritional benefits of the yogurt you consume, then it’s important to mix the liquid up. That fluid is actually liquid whey! Before whey protein is pasteurized and dried into a powder, it comes in liquid form. When in that state whey can be added to all kinds of products, including yogurt.    

The Benefits of Whey Protein page on our website lists multiple reasons why people should supplement their diets with whey protein. So, the next time you open a pack of yogurt and see some liquid formed, don’t throw it away. Mix the liquid whey into the yogurt for an added protein boost!

Want to know what other foods you can find whey protein in? Our Where’s The Whey page has got you covered!